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Welcome to A Taste of Art

Not everyone can paint like the great masters…but I’ll bet we’ll have more fun doing it! Create your own masterpiece (on canvas or glassware)...I'll show you how!

I truly believe that everyone has a creative side but most of us are a bit unsure about where to start creating...especially when we work at doing all of the other things that need to be done in our day. That takes energy and it's tough to get those creative juices flowing! Right?

Well, for a couple of hours, whether at a local venue, a private party in your home, or during a company team building event, I want you to stop, take a breather, relax, sip on a beverage, laugh and lose yourself in a fun and colorful environment, while I guide you through a painting step by step. The final painting that you take home is unique to you - your spirit, your energy,  your creation. Fabulous.

I can't wait Sue Brassardto help you uncork your creativity!  Please visit my Facebook page to see some fun photos!
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